High-end Motion Instruments for Cutting Edge Research

azsol GmbH is the European representative for Kohzu Precision Ltd.

What we do

Representative for Kohzu Precision Ltd.

Products from Kohzu Precision Ltd. are high-end motion instruments for cutting-edge research and development.  Kohzu’s instruments play an important role in many scientific and industrial disciplines.
We are the European representative for the Japanese manufacturer and provide  our local clients with their high-tech products and consult them with our expertise.

About our products

High-precision Instruments

The products are of highest quality. The high precision in sub-um range is a result of rigid and stable design.


≦±0.3μm (AVE. ±0.05μm)


5μm/360° (AVE. 2.26μm/360° )

Please keep in mind that the measured average value of the precision exceeds the specifications by far as seen in examples above.

About our products


Through the simple modularity of the products different assemblies can be easily combined.

About our products

User-specific Options

We have developed user specific options for several institutes. Please let us know your specific requirements and we will find a suitable solution for you. All Kohzu products can be customized up to your specific requests.


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Scientific Instruments

High Resolution Goniometer

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Double Crystal Monochromator

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X-Ray Diffractometer

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Discover our products

Kohzu Precision Instruments

Rotation Axis

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Compact 6-Axis Manipulator MPS

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RST Aligner

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About azsol

Our Core Competence

azsol GmbH stands for competent support and high-quality solutions. With our experience we can help you to find the best solution for you and your application.

Innovation for Europe

Our Partners

About us

Sarah Willimann

Since 2013, I have been working for azsol as a CEO. I’m your contact person for any matters. I’m happy to
answer your questions as fast as possible.

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